I was two years old when I got my first train set.  It fit perfectly around the cake Mom made me.  I don’t remember much from way back then, but I do remember that little train.  As you can tell from the featured photograph, I was fascinated by it.  I would have fallen from my high chair if my family hadn’t kept me upright.  There isn’t much I won’t do if I think I have a chance to see a train.

There is just something about the wonder of the sounds and movement of a train that captivates me.  They are big, strong, loud, and just look so cool!  They can take you wherever you want, and, if you lose your way, you can always find your way back.  They leave pretty big tracks!!!

The wonder of that little train started a lifelong passion.  I never get tired of watching train videos on YouTube.  There is always so much to enjoy and see.  Trains are a big part of America’s history.  They brought people out west, they transported goods to and from the west coast, and, at one time, they were the spitting image of luxury travel.  Even today, people actively seek out steam excursions.  Diesels and electric trains are cheaper and more efficient, but people always love the symbol of strength and exploration steam locomotives embody.

People have lots of different passions.  Mine are trains, music, and literature.  What sparks the passion, fascination, imagination, and wonder of others?  People of all ages love trains.  Every day, I see people with grey and silver hair and pacifiers come look at the trains.  Parents hold up their children to get a closer look at trains in glass cases or to play with my little N scale set by my work bench.  Others love remote controlled cars, planes, boats, and drones.  People build and collect models, puzzles, robots, and kinds of things of all shapes and sizes.

Something brings joy to everyone.

This is the featured photo from the top.  The bottom part of the train was cut out, so here it all is!fullsizeoutput_26c2

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