I’ve not been to a train show in almost a decade until Saturday.  I went to the Dallas Area Train Show in Plano as a representative of work, and I had a blast!  I wish could have spent the whole day at the show rather than two hours, but I enjoyed every second of those two hours.  I learned a few things about the Lionel company, I enjoyed talking with other train buffs, and I found some super cool three-dimensionally printed N scale houses.  3D printing has great potential down many avenues, and I would like to pursue a few of those, someday.

Some people don’t realize just how big model railroading really is.  Some of the earliest model railroads actually had no rails.  Dribblers/Piddlers were model steam locomotives with no track that just ran across the carpet–hence, the name carpet railways was very fitting.  One of my fellow HobbyTown employees mentioned that, at one time, he had no idea just how big model railroading really was.  It really is a big deal.

Model trains began in Germany around the eighteen-thirties, and the fun spread to France and England.  Germany is the birthplace of another great invention–the tuba!!!!!!  Germany still makes the best tubas.


Some modelers really do go all out.  They do it well.


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